Everything You Need to Know About Google I/O. Developer`s View

14 Jul 2014

Being a part of Google developers community means keeping your eyes peeled for all sorts of tech innovations and news within the industry. Google I/O is not only one of them, but one of the most expected.

I am an Android developer and here`s a short outline of what you should know about Google I/O 2014.

Drupal Integration With Native Mobile Apps

27 Jun 2014

At the opening Keynote of DrupalCon Austin 2014, Dries Buytaert talked about Integrations, meaning Drupal integration with other systems and devices.

Huge improvements have been made to the RESTful web services and now it’s included in Drupal 8 core. Special thanks to Dries and Larry Garfield for this initiative!

Having RESTful web services within the core is a great opportunity to build better digital experiences. However, there is still a missing piece. Drupal 8 provides an API on its side, but what about the other side? The side that should actually use that API.

Offline mode. Data Caching Approach For Travelling Apps

06 Jun 2014

Issue Outline

The problem of data caching is especially challenging when it comes to travelling apps. Most of them contain area descriptions, artistic maps of local area, google maps, top interesting places of this area, top area’s activities, services on this area, contact information, media galleries, similar places, serving times, goods/exhibitions catalogues etc.