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How to use SharedPreferences for Application Configuration - Lemberg blog

How to use SharedPreferences for Application Configuration

03 Apr 2015

Can you imagine an Android application without any configurable options? Although this is possible. Actually, only the simplest application can get by without any configuration. Configuration is essential for the most of Android applications. But in what way are these applications being configured?

Android provides a standard way to configure an application using SharedPreferences and PreferenceScreen. Check out my hands-on guide to using these things and implementation of custom Preference screen. Discover >

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How to Integrate Drupal with Nimble CRM for Better Automation

19 Feb 2015

We really love everything that Nimble offers, but felt there was something amiss and that there may be a way to tie our business even closer with our CRM (customer relationship management) of choice, to do more with Nimble.

In this article we`ll tell you the story how we came up with the module idea that will help you to integrate Nimble CRM with your own website built with Drupal and provide you with a simple guide how you can implement it for your own business success. *Please note programming skills are needed. Find out ›