Tech notes

How to Manage iPhone Rotations in Tabbed Application?

05 May 2011

In classic view-based iPhone application it is enough to implement view controller's

method for managing device orientation. Unfortunately it doesn't work with tab-based application. I can't guarantee that my solution is the best, but I found a simple way around.

HTML5 Mobile WebApp Framework

07 Oct 2010

Lemberg recently developed an innovative new HTML5 web app framework for ExactMobi. This framework is designed for retailers and allows for the easy creation of e-shops for the web or mobile market. It may be of interest both to retail firms that need numerous e-shops and for small shops looking to get online. By providing users with stock information, special offers, online reservation and purchase facilities it offers retailers a sleek and cost-effective way to reach to their customers.

How Mobile Platforms Differ

06 Aug 2010

Our clients often ask why development times for different platforms vary on multiplatform mobile development projects. From their perspective it appears that the development time for an app should be roughly the same for any platform. However, differences in the software, devices, development environment and submission processes mean things are rarely the same from platform to platform.

Building Mobile WebApps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

06 Jul 2010

Here at Lemberg we are pretty excited about the possibilities offered by modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and newer developments in Javascript. Our team are all (lets face it) geeks, so we’ve been tracking these technologies for quite a while. We’re excited that they’ve crossed over from your laptop or desktop browser to mobile devices, as it lets us use them in our mobile development.

N2 MVC Add-on: Ajax Subscribe Form

11 Jun 2010

This page describes how to use a customized subscribe form, which you can place on any existing page of your website based on N2.