Rough Guide To Building a Travel Destination App for Mobile

26 Jun 2012

Brochures, guides, maps and tons of other printed material could be done away with for good thanks to the new black in the world of mobile apps – destination applications. Apart for replacing the traditional printed matter, they help the visitors thoroughly explore a destination, provide them with useful info, help to navigate and share their experiences via social media.

Porting iPhone App to Android: is Testing on Real Devices Absolutely Essential?

11 May 2012 Android and iOS app markets are now booming. Even as Apple’s app store is at its peak, Android Market (as of recently Google Play) is gaining momentum as ever in today’s wireless world. That’s why every smart company out there wanting a mobile app created to promote its business is faced with a challenge: how to get both iPhone and Android users engaged in the app?

Useful Tips for Developing a Successful Educational App

23 Mar 2012

The truth is that education is rapidly moving towards greater interactivity and going mobile. As a possibility to study anyplace anytime, eLearning is becoming enormously popular nowadays. Educational games for toddlers, pre-schoolers and the older children are greatly admired by the mobile device owners. However, the second statement is that the educational app market is booming and further growth is expected. Almost everyone with relevant experience is trying their luck at developing an app for children. And booming means competitive, yes. So you should do your best if you want to stay on top of the market.


08 Sep 2011

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a growing trend, and we’ll undoubtedly be seeing it used in a great many future mobile apps. So far, its hard to achieve its full potential due to limitations in the hardware and software available today, but  in theory all you need to produce a simple AR app is a decent CPU, a camera, a GPS device and some clever programming. We decided to put this theory to the test and build a simple AR app.