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Holiday Gifts: Pre-Ordering Apps on the App Store

10 Jan 2018

Not so long ago, there was a great App Store update with lots of new features. More recently, Apple announced another great new feature! All developers can now start offering their new applications for pre-order ahead of the official release date. “Build excitement for your new app by making it available for pre-order,” says Apple, and yes, we’ll do it! Right? 

iOS Application Transferring. Native point

iOS Application Transferring. Native point

04 Oct 2017

Were you ever in a situation when you needed to transfer your app from one developer account to another? What about transferring not a newly created app, but one that was already released on the Apple store? 

User Data Privacy in iOS

User Data Privacy in iOS: Why and How To

07 Aug 2017

Nowadays, many people can't even last a minute without their phones. Probably because phones have the same functionality as computers and we can't quite picture our life without them. Our precious devices know everything about us and even more. Real-time streaming, tweets, posts on Instagram and other social networks are possible everywhere because of them. Simply put, the Internet is just crawling with our personal information. What good is that? It doesn't matter to us. Well, it doesn’t seem important till we share this information ourselves. But what if our information is stolen continue reading