Customer Science: Agencies, Startups, Tech Businesses

14 Aug 2014
Customer Science: Agencies, Startups, Tech Businesses | Blog of Lemberg Solutions, a mobile and web development company: iOS, Android, Drupal.

‘Know thy client’ is the first rule of every business. Over the years, Lemberg Solutions have worked with a wide range of different businesses, both b2b and b2c, but the image of our ‘typical customers’ has always stood out. They fall within one of the following 3 groups:


There are different types of agencies, depending on what they specialise in: Design/ Creative, Marketing, Consulting, Digital, Branding, Advertising, and that’s not all. There may be more than one term that goes for one agency type, and there are agencies that are a fusion of two or more of these types.

In our experience, some of our customer agencies send regular work our way, with others we are in an on-and-off relationship, and by that I mean a few projects a year. We have been working with many of them for years, and are always excited to get new leads or project requests from other agencies.

Like with other client groups, we strive to establish long term partnership with agencies. For this purpose, Lemberg is prepared to go above and beyond and assist our agency partners in their pre-sales process, help them to add new technologies to their offerings, and investigate or prototype even the most ambitious ideas.

Most agencies like to have NDA in place, which we are happy to sign.

One of the most favourite collaborations Lemberg has had is with London-based NeosCreative agency. Our partnership has been a fruitful one: a number of Touch apps, Mobile apps and websites for the well-known global brands.

Lemberg Solutions a mobile and web development provider for creative agencies. NeosCreative.

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We love startups because of the innovation (innovative ideas, new technologies) and challenges they present us with (tech challenges, timeline, constantly changing requirements) that inspire us to leave the comfort zone. To be honest, startups are the most complicated and risky customers to work with. But the most rewarding, too: that special feeling you get when you’re on the cutting edge, working with groundbreaking ideas and pushing forward the innovation frontier! It's so inspiring to be a part of a start-up team making NEW things happen.

Lemberg have launched quite a few successful start-up businesses themselves (EduKidsApps, Recordense, and the latest huge success on KickStarter - LaMetric), and thanks to all this experience we feel that Lemberg has a perfect understanding of start-up business processes, objectives and goals, as well as an excellent grip of strategies that will help achieve these goals.

We have produced, and are continuing to produce, many successful web and mobile solutions for startups in the UK, the EU and the USA. One of the startups, whom we’ve helped reach its business goals lately is [email protected].

We celebrate the first product release with our customers, but we all know it’s far from being the end - it’s only the beginning. So Lemberg is happy to offer a hand in further support and maintenance to improve and grow the product.

Lemberg Solutions a mobile and web development provider for startups. EduKidsApps, Recordense, C@rma, LaMetric

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Tech businesses

Tech businesses are startups that have matured, succeeded and evolved into a stable technological business. For them, too, it’s neither possible nor plausible to concentrate all competencies in-house, and sometimes they need to expand their team to help with the core product or extensions (like extending their web product to mobile or extending their mobile app to wearables).

Technological companies are the easiest to partner with. We liaise directly with their techies, and receive detailed technical specifications that are always praiseworthy. Since there’s a good understanding of development processes, our tech business partners grant us facile timelines.

Parrot SA is a great example of a successful technological company we’ve worked with, and are still supporting the official FreeFlight Android app for piloting Ar.Drone (more than 500 000 app downloads). Learn `FreeFlight Android Inspiring Story`.

Lemberg Solutions a mobile and web development provider for tech business. Official FreeFlight Android app developer for Ar.Drone

What’s common for all our customers?

Our customers are so different, but they all have similar needs: high quality, cost-effective service, and reliable partnership, all of which we’re proud to offer.

Do you know your customers as well as we do? Who are your key clients?