Mobile and Web Digest (February 2014)

10 Feb 2014

Android highlights

  • Designtime Layout Attributes: as of Android Studio 0.2.11, the layout rendering (used in both the layout editor as well as the XML editor layout preview window), supports designtime layout attributes. These are attributes which are used when the layout is rendered in the tool, but have no impact on the runtime. This is useful if you for example want to put sample data in your textfields for when you are editing the layout, but you don't want those attributes to affect your running app.
  • Introducing the Google Drive Android API: with the new developer preview of the Google Drive Android API in Google Play Services 4.1, you can add the convenience of Google Drive cloud storage to your apps without breaking a sweat.
  • Surface View: Video Cropping. In this tutorial you'll create an application which will do following: display video from assets folder using TextureView, and when user click on screen, TextureView should be resized and video should be cropped to match new view size.
  • Process Stats: Understanding How Your App Uses RAM. Android 4.4 KitKat introduced a new system service called procstats that helps you better understand how your app is using the RAM resources on a device.
  • How to Make a Chathead Like Facebook Messenger: Facebook introduced chatheads in its messenger app a while ago. In this tutorial we’ll see how to draw a chathead like Facebook does.
  • Building Complex Animations: a nice blog post on how to develop complex animations. The tutorial will walk you through animating different properties and chaining the animations with AnimatorSet.
  • What Kills Battery in an App with Location Tracking? Things we should be aware of when tracking user location in mobile app.

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