Why ERPAL Is A Good Fit For Your Business App

02 Jun 2015
Why ERPAL Is A Good Fit For Your Business App - Lemberg blog

Long story short. It was in October last year at the DrupalCon Amsterdam that we met this great person, Manuel Pistner, CEO at Bright Solutions. Manuel & his team were holding a booth next to ours for their ERPAL platform. At that time I knew nothing about ERPAL itself, but I could clearly notice that their booth was crowded. “What is this ERPAL all about & how it relates to Drupal actually?” - I remember thinking to myself back then.

Today it`s been almost a month since Lemberg Solutions became the first mobile & Drupal development company, certified by Bright Solutions and accepted into its worldwide partner program. The reason why we decided to take this step is that after learning more about the ERPAL platform we saw great potential in it for us as developers, as well as for our customers’ needs. Here is why it can be of great help for you as well.

What is ERPAL

ERPAL Platform logo

ERPAL is a flexible Drupal distribution that makes it easier to build web-based business applications using Drupal and with almost no coding. What you get is the latest functionality of business apps (like a structure for contacts, quotes, orders and invoices etc.), based on Drupal, Drupal Commerce and CRM Core that can be extended with your own custom features developed with the help of Drupal. In addition, business logic, data structures & data views can be customized through configuration alone. That way, you don't have to spend time building standard structures and take advantage of Drupal's flexibility at the same time.

If you are a site builder...

Lots of businesses start turning their heads towards technology to automate and optimise their processes. This is reasonable & a lot of site projects include integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP), workflow management system, customer relationship management (CRM) or developing business management backend, as well as developing an e-commerce system, including the business management backend or SaaS product. If you are as a site builder often faced with the projects like that, than using ERPAL Platform can definitely be an advantage for you. It can provide you with base structures for resource planning tools, contacts, managing sales activities from quotes & orders to invoices. Use it for your needs as a flexible business application build with Drupal.  

ERPAL for service providers

The second major ERPAL use case will be of interest for service providers like Lemberg. Whether you are are a software development company, agency, consulting firm, or maybe you provide communications, tourism, real-estate or education services, we all know that sooner or later there always arises the need for CRM, project management, reporting, team management, billing or time tracking systems. If you haven't yet found the one that suits your needs best, ERPAL for service providers is an option.

Key benefits to pay attention to

  1. It's built with Drupal, meaning flexibility & open source
  2. Relies on stable Drupal modules
  3. Built according to common best practises
  4. Can be integrated with other tools
  5. You own & control your data
  6. ... and finally, it can save your time & resources